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Common Causes Of Household Fires

8/26/2021 (Permalink)

Nobody would ever be able to guess if they will ever be a victim of a household fire because such accidents are unpredictable and unfortunately, usually caused by accidental negligence. Such accidental fires can result in extensive damage to your home where you might have to end up engaging fire damage restoration services. Despite the ability to restore your home to almost as good as new with professional fire damage restoration services, other important items in your home such as documents and personal items would be gone. The best way, as the saying goes, is always that prevention is better than cure. All home owners must know the most common causes of household fires so that they will know what to look out for and exercise caution in the first place.


A person holding a lit cigarette might have been distracted or have fallen asleep and this led to a fire. Fires caused by smoking are extremely dangerous as the fire gets out of control in a very short amount of time without being noticed and starts spreading right where the person is sleeping. A fire could start even by just one stray ash. It is very important to ensure that you should never light up a cigarette in the event where you are feeling very tired and not to smoke in bed or near furniture such as blankets or carpets that are easily flammable.


Cooking is one of the most common causes of house fires. When oil and grease become overheated by accident, a fire that burns hot and fast could be caused. It is important for the person cooking to remain in the kitchen at all times while cooking and never leave the lighted stove unattended.


Apart from kitchen cooking appliances such as air fryers and toasters, any other appliances found around the house can get hot and when they do, they are huge fire hazards. One such appliance is the space heater that is notorious for causing a fire. Since there are materials around the house that can catch fire easily such as fabrics or wooden furniture. Unknown to many, faulty wiring found in electrical appliances could also start a fire. To prevent this, always ensure that you are at home when using appliances especially your space heater.

Electrical Fires

Whether it is a short or fault in the wiring, it can always lead to a fire in your walls. Located at hidden areas and out of sight, these fires could quickly become dangerous. Unless you are certified and experienced in doing electrical work, always hire a professional and have your wiring checked consistently.

What You can do to Prevent the Possibility of a Household Fire

Every property owner should be well-prepared to not just prevent household fires from occurring but also to know what to do in the event this happens. Our team of experts and professionals here at SERVPRO in lower Manhattan are licensed and well-trained to assist you in fire damage restoration services. Don’t suffer alone, let us help you to bring back your home even after suffering a household fire. Our one-stop solution also includes other services such as cleaning and garden maintenance for the total maintenance of your property. Contact us now for any queries or to simply book an appointment with us today!

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