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Can Ceiling Water Damage Be Repaired?

8/25/2021 (Permalink)

One of the worst aspects of water, where damage and stains are concerned, is that it can go pretty much anywhere. It seems to get to and through anything and everything. A plumbing leak or inclement weather leak can affect the quality of your home as well as your family’s comfort and health.

Ceiling water damage can end up in repair bills of staggering amounts. Check to see if there is any ceiling discoloration to head off ceiling water damage before it becomes a major problem. If your ceiling has started to sag a bit, a lot of damage has already been done! If you see a saggy ceiling, you've got trouble! First and foremost, you'll have to repair the cause of the water making your ceiling sag. Once that's done, your best bet is to bring in a professional cleanup/restoration service. Shortly, we’ll inform you as to the best company to contact.

Water Damage Causes

Plumbing issues are the number one cause of ceiling water damage. If your ceiling experiences discoloration, look closely at where it first appears. Is the leak coming from the bathroom? Kitchen? Drains, when they leak, frequently cause water stains underneath (which would be the ceiling of the room below). With old plumbing systems under toilets, sinks, showers, etc., the more water that flows through them, they further they break down (if corrosion is the problem).

Another common cause of ceiling water stains is the possibility that your roof may be compromised and/or weak. During heavy rain falls and other severe weather conditions, you may have active water dripping through onto your ceiling. This might be caused by roof damage or a clog somewhere in the roofing system.

Assessing Ceiling Leaks And Damage

Before working on the leak, move any valuables that may be damaged by water well out of the way. You have to go above the stain to find out where the water is coming from. It may not be falling directly down. Rather, it may be flowing to a low spot which just ends up being where the stain on your ceiling is located. The source of water leaks can be very tricky to locate.

Once the leak is fixed, you'll have to inspect the areas that have been affected by the water. A lot of water can be held in drywall ceilings. Plaster, however, not so much. You may choose to remove any collected water above a drywall ceiling by poking a hole in it. Make sure you have a container underneath to catch the water. Be prepared for floor damage if you don't protect your floor with something to catch the water.

Repairing Stained Ceilings

Some light staining is not that big of a deal. A can of Kilz and some paint and you're on your way. But when the damage is more serious, rather than dealing with all of the mildew, mold, flaking or broken drywall, damaged plaster, rebuilding, repainting, etc., call in the professionals. Particularly if mold and mildew has formed – and it probably has – you want to bring in technicians who are going to make sure your family and home is safe and healthy. That's the best way to deal with mold and mildew. Leave it to the people who have all of the equipment and other products specially made for dealing with situations such as this.

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