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Commercial Property Owners Should Take Note Of Humidity Levels

6/27/2021 (Permalink)

Mold damage is something every commercial property owner would worry about because of how susceptible any space can be to mold growth and how much it would cost them when it comes to business. Depending on the area that you are located in, some parts of your country may have more humidity while others have a dryer climate. The humidity refers to the amount of moisture in the air and a high level of humidity will result in a higher possibility of mold growth in your space. The ability to control the amount of moisture that gets indoors is the key to controlling humidity levels which leads to the risk of your commercial property getting mold.

When the environment is damp and there is a presence of organic material such as wood, paneling, drywall paper backing and other material that used to be alive, this is when mold will thrive. Mold growth increases when such areas have a relative humidity of 60% and above, which is easy to reach when commercial property owners are not careful to check and maintain the area on a regular basis. When mold starts to consume these organic materials, mold spores are shot into the air resulting in a damp or musty smell. Apart from causing bad air quality which can cause allergies and respiratory problems for tenants, this is also very damaging for building materials. There is hence a need for to pay close attention of humidity levels in your commercial property to protect building materials especially evaporator coils, and to improve indoor air quality.

What Causes Humidity Issues?

One of the common causes for high humidity issues is from the ventilation and make-up air since they carry the biggest humidification load. The second most common problem for severe moisture issues is when outdoor air that is humid is pulled through the exterior wall through accidental suction. This suction is typically formed from exhaust ducts or unsealed return air. If these two factors are not why your property is experiencing high humidity level, you could also check for water seepage where there is dampness in the walls and foundation of your building. There is a possibility of water seeping into your building through joints in the concrete foundation. These will lead to fungal growth and when the moisture seeps in and comes into contact with organic building materials, mold will grow.

What You can do to Get Rid of Humidity

Our team of experts and professionals here at SERVPRO in lower Manhattan are licensed and well-trained to assist you in checking your commercial property for humidity levels as well as carry out dehumidification services. We take pride in helping you enjoy a peace of mind with our dehumidification solutions and strive for you to enjoy running your business worry-free of mold and humidity issues in your commercial property. Our one-stop solution also includes other services such as cleaning and garden maintenance for the total maintenance of your commercial property. contact us now for any queries or to simply book an appointment with our consultants today!

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