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Are Dehumidifiers Designed to Kill Mold?

4/21/2020 (Permalink)

What is one of the most frustrating scenarios for a homeowner? It's mold! It hides in places you never think to look like remote basement corners, down in crawl spaces, behind walls, and more. You can't ignore it, even though it tries very hard to hide (often in plain sight). Innumerable health effects can be caused by mold and it has the potential to take the very structure of your home and damage it to severe levels. You must find a way to kill mold! But how do you go about it?

It is not impossible to remediate mold, but it can be difficult. Some people think that a dehumidifier will solve the problem. But will it?

Growing Mold

In environments where it is most dark and moist, mold thrives. It requires a food source, however, in addition to moisture. That can be cotton, drywall, wood, etc. You will most often detect mold in laundry rooms, bathrooms, attics, and basements. As soon as possible, you must nip mold problems in the bud because things will get worse the longer you wait and allow mold to prosper.

The Job of a Dehumidifier

Long story short, the humidity level in your home is reduced by a dehumidifier. Humidity is increased in your home any time water evaporates. You wash the dishes, lay your clothes out to dry, or take a shower…and the humidity in your home rises. As the humidity intensifies, mold finds the perfect conditions for growth. It seems only natural that to take care of the problem, a dehumidifier would be used.

Killing Mold – Is It Really the Dehumidifier's Job?

Humidity isn't the singular source of the type of moisture mold thrives on, though it is a biggie. Leaky roofs, flood-prone basements, and burst pipes can also be mold infestation contributors. Your humidity problem will be lessened with a dehumidifier. But if the mold is being caused by a persistent leak, the dehumidifier can't be expected to solve that issue. Mold will not be killed by merely tackling your humidity problem. Though existing mold won't be killed outright, the dehumidifier can help discourage mold growth, however.

Getting Rid of Mold

Okay, if not with a humidifier, how are you going to get rid of the mold in your home? First of all, you have to remove it. After that, whatever was causing it to grow must be removed, as well. Only half the equation can be solved with a dehumidifier if more than a humid environment is the cause of mold.

Existing mold spores most be gotten rid of! For true, complete mold remediation, acquiring the services of a professional is your best bet. That's the best way to eliminate not just the mold but the problem causing it.

So, to answer the question of whether or not a dehumidifier will take care of your mold problem and kill it – no, it will not! Does that mean that you should forgo a dehumidifier? It does not. A dehumidifier will help stop mold from coming back once you have completely removed it from your home. But, again, you have to completely remove the mold, the spores, and the cause of moisture to truly remedy the situation.

Hire SERVPRO To Kill Mold

Work with our team of experts and professionals here at SERVPRO in lower Manhattan to solve your mold issues. We will analyze the situation in your home, discover where mold is hiding, find the cause of mold, and devise a plan of attack for ridding your home of this frustrating and unhealthy situation. We will then help you determine how best to prevent mold from coming back.

Contact us today!

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